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Allergy Medicine

A Family of Allergists

Not every ENT practice can say it's been providing relief to asthma and allergy suffers for seventy years, let alone here in Connecticut. And fewer yet can say it's a family tradition. But we can.The father of our practice was Dr Monroe Coleman who upon completing service in the Army Medical Corp began our Stamford practice. Inspired by her father's devotion to allergy medicine, our present doctor, Dr Leslie Coleman followed in his path, joining her father and the practice. Together they served the Stamford community of allergy sufferers and were regarded as the best allergists for getting to the root of the sensitivities.Side by side they treated allergies ranging from asthma to eczema, bronchitis to rhinitis; drug allergies, food allergies, and allergic reactions to insect bites and stings, including hives, rashes, and swellings. When Dr Norman passed away, Dr Leslie continued on as sole practitioner. And now based on her thirty plus years of experience in allergy medicine, Dr Leslie Coleman continues to be regarded as one of the best allergists in the area, a fact her many patients will attest to.

Perhaps you or a family member have developed a rash or sensitivity in recent weeks but have dismissed it as a temporary discomfort and disregarded the possibility of it being an allergy since you've been fine all these years. Well you may be right, you may also be very wrong. Adult onset allergies can strike at any age, Although they usually make their presence felt when a person is in his or her twenties or thirties, the body can decide at any age that a substance it previously had no problem with, is suddenly harmful. And so as it begins to develop antibodies to ward it off, voila! you have an allergy.

If this describes your situation, we invite you to come in and experience how allergy medicine can bring relief.

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